Here is a shocking little piece of news: Poor behavior is the number 1 killer of dogs and cats in the United States today.

It’s true. Behavior problems are the number 1 reason dogs and cats are surrendered to animal shelters all across the US. Fully 50% of those animals are euthanized.

The doctors and staff at Riverside Animal Hospital want to do our part to help prevent as many of those relinquishments, (and subsequent deaths) as possible. For that reason, we have Behavior Consultations available.

The doctors at Riverside will work together to develop a complete plan for our patients involved in the behavior clinic. If necessary, the doctors can prescribe any medications that may be needed. This works step by step to build a strong relationship between the owner and the pet, where each understands their place within the relationship. The bond that comes with the work the family and the pet do together cannot easily be described. It is well worth the time and the effort. We can help!