Have you ever flipped your dog or cats lip up and taken a good look at their teeth? It can be an eye opening experience!

Consider what your own teeth would look like if they were never brushed and never professionally cleaned. Ick. You may be looking at that! Breath is bad. Teeth are unsightly. What’s worse, is those tartar ridden teeth harbor millions of disease causing bacteria. Those bacteria take a ride through the pets own bloodstream and opportunistically attack the pets heart, liver and kidneys. Bad, bad, bad. A pet with an unhealthy mouth cannot be considered a healthy pet!

Lucky for all involved, we LOVE cleaning teeth. There isn’t much that is more gratifying that taking a disease ridden mouth and cleaning all the icky stuff off, so all that remains are squeaky clean, shiny teeth.

If we find any teeth that are painfully loose, or so infected that they can’t be stopped from causing illness, we will extract that tooth, and good riddance! Now that mouth has a chance to truly heal with no hidden infection!

After all that, each tooth is carefully polished to make the surface super smooth and less likely to contribute to a quick buildup of future plaque and tartar.

When you come to pick up your newly freshened fur-kid, we will have a dental kit ready and waiting for you, and we will go over every facet of how you can now engage in home dental care to keep their teeth nice and clean.

You can visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council website to view a list of approved tartar fighting treats and diets.