Watching your beloved pet get closer to the end of their lives can be difficult. These are dogs and cats that have been there for us during good times and bad, and more than anything, we as their family wish them a peaceful and pain free passing.

The doctors and staff at Riverside Animal Hospital understand that. We have all been through it, and we share not only your concerns, but also the associated sadness.

Hospice care is here to help you help your pet. We will help you understand what your pet is experiencing, evaluate quality of life and will give you techniques that make it possible for your pet to comfortably stay with you as long as possible.

If the time comes when you have to let go, the Riverside family will help both you and your pet. Our empathetic and compassionate staff will walk you through each step, giving you the support and the time you need to say good-bye. Every person has their own way to do this, there is no one right way. We will help you make the decision that is right for you and for your pet.