Cats. Dogs. Fleas. Ticks. Commonly associated, to the dismay of the families of cats and dogs.

It IS possible to have dogs and cats and NOT have fleas and ticks. The old fashioned “flea bath” and “flea dip” has gone by the wayside, since they have limited effectiveness. Newer pharmaceuticals have been developed that are topically applied or oral. Most last a month, some last even longer for fleas! There is even one that is so super safe, because it stays strictly in the skin, that can be INGESTED (it is intended to be a topical) at 10 times the topical dose and the worst effect was excessive salivation!

Our staff is trained to help you analyze your needs and your pets needs. They understand the benefits of the different product and can guide you in choosing the perfect flea and tick preventive for your pets unique needs.

We will review with you the best way to control fleas and ticks in your house, in your yard and on your pet. We LOVE helping pet owners keep their pets healthy!