What exciting new therapeutic modality is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, reduces edema, analgesic, promotes healing and has no systemic side effects?

It sounds like a miracle, and sometimes it seems like it truly is. The answer is Laser Therapy. A completely different kind of laser than our surgical laser, it does no cutting of tissue at all. This particular laser causes cell metabolism to increase. At the same time, the light causes the cell to call all the bodies’ defenses to the area. These processes, stimulated by the laser light are healing, reduce pain, inflammation and swelling as well as killing bacteria seven layers deep!

And what’s that you say? No systemic side effects? No liver or kidney involvement? No routine blood work? It is safe. Wow. Say it with me….it is SAFE. There is no downside.

With new therapy laser, we can provide non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical therapy for a variety of conditions. From osteo arthritis, to infections of all sorts, to healing large wounds and post surgical incisions, we are using the therapy laser constantly. We are so pleased to be able to offer this cutting edge technology to our patients.