As much as we like to think our dogs and cats are simply short hairy people, when it comes to their medications it does not work that way. Many medications that are available for humans are not effective in dogs and cats, dosages vary tremendously from one species to the other, or worse, cause problems that can and should be avoided by not administering them to pets.

To prevent those problems, and for your convenience, we maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of your pet and most times you walk out the door with everything you need to complete the treatment of your pets problem.

Dietary supplements are another area where it actually does matter what you choose. Did you realize that the FDA has no authority over dietary supplements? Did you know that when analyzed, many supplements have been shown to contain absolutely NO QUANTITY of the supplement stated on the bottle?

Add to that the fact that not all ingredients are created equal. So, for example, we want a patient on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, we know it is best for that patient to be on a supplement that contains a very specific, better absorbed type of chondroitin. In order to make that chondroitin available to our patients, we stock it! Sometimes it is just better for things to be simple.

Similarly, dog and cat skin is significantly different from human skin. Take for example, the lack of sweat glands in their skin. Their normal skin has a different pH than normal human skin. Skin problems in dogs and cats significantly impacts their quality of life, so it is important that we carry an assortment of just the right prescription skin care products.