For a long time, we have heard from clients what they would like the most is to be able to spread their routine health care costs out over a period of time.

From that thought we developed Health Care Packages.

The concept is this: All the routine care a patient needs in one year … from vaccinations and exams to deworming and blood testing … is placed into one “package.” The price of the care is discounted, then divided into 12 equal payments. This payment is charged to a credit or debit card on the same day each month. And you pick the day of the month! Simple.

Then, when you need to bring your fur-kid in for their routine care (and even a few sick pet visits are included), you pay nothing that day (with the exception of medications, which are … discounted!)

There are two care options available, in part due to life stage needs.

Puppies and kittens have spay or neuter surgery included. Adults have their own package which does not have the spay/neuter included. As they get older, any additional services like dental cleanings, x-rays, and any other needs are simply discounted if they are not included in the basic adult package. We will be happy to explain the program in detail … just stop in or give us a call!